Next Steps: Arranging for a Funeral and Cremation in Eastampton Township, NJ

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Facing your own mortality or the death of someone you love can be an excruciating journey. One aspect of this path will be the need to make plans for final arrangements, such as a funeral and cremation in Eastampton Township, NJ. If you are making plans for your own needs, this is called pre-arrangement planning. It can be an immense support to your peace of mind and the well-being of your family after you are gone. However, many must make extensive plans when a loved one dies while feeling shock and grief.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is choose a provider to assist in the arrangements process. Generally speaking, families can be extensively involved in this if they want. Finding a provider with a lot of experience amongst their staff and directors can be helpful. Spending a little time researching the establishment may pay off in learning how others have felt about the services their family received at that business and location. A full-service provider can easily give you access to everything you’ll need, no matter your chosen options.

Suppose the death occurs unexpectedly without supervising medical teams. In that case, your first call is to emergency services, who will come immediately and let you know when you can call for the body to be taken to a funeral home. When a person dies at a hospital or is under hospice care, the medical professionals will alert the proper authorities to get clearance for the body to be released to a funeral home for safekeeping and death care. This is typically after the coroner has assessed the case and taken relevant information down. 

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Deciding Which Service Options to Use for a Funeral and Cremation in Eastampton Township, NJ

Once you have chosen a provider and the deceased is in their care, you’ll need to select which services to have planned. The tiny bit of good news here—there is more than one way to do this. Allowing you to customize service options to maximize your budget and support the grieving family has never been easier. Let’s discuss a few common starting points:

Commemorative Funeral Services

With solutions to keep things very simple, intimate, or low-key, you can choose what fits your budget. Perhaps elaborately detailed services drawn out over multiple events to create additional closure and support are more suitable to your needs. The location of the deceased remains is the most significant distinguishing factor that sets a funeral apart from other commemorative services. The funeral is centered around the casketed corpse. However, this does not necessarily mean you must have the casket open with a viewing option. 

Flame Cremation

Another good solution for caring for deceased remains is cremation. In this procedure, the body is individually placed in an enclosed chamber where intense heat is applied. After only a few hours, flames will have consumed all but the densest portions of the calcified bone structures. These bone pieces will be collected and processed into tiny particles called ashes. The ashen particles can be placed for final disposition in a variety of ways depending on personal preferences.

The Importance of Permanent Memorialization

Grief professionals widely agree that having a place of permanent memorial can be exceptionally supportive to bereaved individuals and families. It gives you a place to physically go and mourn when you want to feel close to your loved one. In cases where you have chosen either or both a funeral and cremation in Eastampton Township, NJ, for the same individual, you also have several possibilities for disposition location and memorialization solutions.

Funeral services are frequently connected to burial services, with the body buried either above or below ground. However, if a casket or shrouded burial is not wanted, the body can be cremated following the funeral service events. If the corpse is not broken down through cremation or composting of some kind, burial is the most accessible solution. Cremated bodies may also be buried, scattered in nature, or inurned for display at home. Whatever solution you choose, consider having a permanent place you can visit as your work through grief. 

Special Considerations for a Veteran Service

Loyalty to the country and selfless sacrifice of personal safety and comfort can be remembered with seemingly small but meaningful details. Those who have given so much of themselves to military service can and ought to be recognized at their death for these immense contributions. Ask your funeral provider early in the process what can be provided to honor this individual’s service. 

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Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Why should we have a public viewing?

  • There are many different perspectives about the deceased. Many grief counselors believe that holding a viewing helps the grieving process by assisting the bereaved in accepting the reality of death. It is a part of many cultural and ethnic traditions. Children are even encouraged to watch as long as it is their wish and the process is clearly described.

What is the purpose of embalming?

  • Embalming cleans and briefly preserves the body, slows down the process of decomposition, and improves the appearance of a body marred by traumatic death or disease. It makes it possible to extend the amount of time between passing away and the ultimate disposition, giving family members more time to plan and take part in the funeral service.

What do funeral directors do?

  • Funeral arrangements are planned by morticians and undertakers, who are also referred to as funeral directors or, historically, undertakers. They frequently set up clergy services, pallbearers, and obituaries.