Where to Begin When Planning Events for a Funeral and Cremation in Mount Holly, NJ

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Loss through death is one of the most challenging things we will experience as part of our life. Making plans for final service arrangements, like a funeral and cremation in Mount Holly, NJ, can be started before death or immediately after. If making pre-arranged plans, this is often done as part of putting in order your final affairs or when death is known to be approaching. If no plans have been put in place beforehand, the occurrence of death will naturally necessitate these conversations.

But how do you even go about getting started? You’ll first want to retain the services of a qualified and reputable funeral home to support the death care of the decedent and assist with any commemorative events that will be held in their honor. You can look into the experience and history of an establishment and staff to find out if they can offer what you are looking for. A full-service firm offers a range of service options that can significantly benefit you in simplifying the planning process.

Reach out for recommendations from your local network and find out who has been good to work with. Finally, read the published testimonials and reviews that may be found online. Recognizing these statements only offers one side of the story; you can always ask the provider any clarifying questions if you see anything that gives you pause.

If you have a situation where someone has died unexpectedly at home, just as you would in a more public setting, call for emergency help immediately. These professionals will assess this specific case and ensure when the body can be legally transported to the mortuary. Suppose the decedent has passed in a hospital or under doctor’s care/hospice. In that case, the physician and attendants will help you obtain clearances to have the body released to your preferred funeral provider. 

Mount Holly NJ Funeral Home and Cremations

Find the Right Fit: Choosing Funeral and Cremation in Mount Holly, NJ

Death care service options are not a one-size-fits-all commodity. Each unique individual deserves to be honored in ways that make the most sense for them in keeping with the available budget and family preferences. For the most suitable options, choose what will best meet the known wishes of the deceased and the surviving family members. 

Funeral Services, Traditional or Modern

You can have extensive events with full church service funerals or keep things simple and modernized. Don’t get too hung up on what other people are doing—keep coming back to what will best work for your circumstances. The body can be prepared for viewing if desired, but it is not a requirement of the funeral. By definition, the deceased’s body should be present for the events. This typically necessitates the timing of the funeral to be soon after the death date. 

Respectfully Care for the Body with Earth-Friendly Cremation

If you know that a funeral is not going to work or you’d instead care for the remains without burial, you might look into having the remains prepared for disposition via cremation. Cremation is respectful, secure, cost-effective, and biologically friendly. The process involves scorching, targeted heat in an enclosed chamber that ultimately results in a reduced set of ashen granules that are no longer subject to the effects of decay. Without the need to traditionally bury the whole body, there are no environmental concerns with synthetic casketing or toxic chemicals being interred. 

Why Permanent Memorialization Matters

In cases where you choose to retain a funeral and cremation in Mount Holly, NJ, consider how you might create a place of permanency for memorializing the deceased. Having a natural place to visit on difficult days and anniversaries can assist bereaved individuals and families through the unknown journey of their grief. If you seek burial for full caskets or cremated bodies contained in urns, the entombment site can be an excellent place for a permanent memorial.

However, cremated bodies can be laid to rest in various situations. In other heart-wrenching cases, deceased remains cannot be recovered. If there is no burial site, you can still have a permanent memorial erected or created to help honor the memory of your loved one. Many creative ideas could serve this purpose, such as a stone monument, statue, planted tree, memorial park bench, or walking path. Whatever you decide, taking the time to design and create a meaningful remembrance can be cathartic and beautiful. 

Make the Call for Assistance with the Industry Experts at Perinchief Chapels

If you require assistance with final arrangement plans like a funeral and cremation in Mount Holly, NJ, you need to look no further than the industry experts at Perinchief Chapels. With compassionate professionalism, our team is ready to move into action at a moment’s notice. Call (609) 267-0399 anytime for urgent service needs or make an appointment to discuss upcoming or future planning decisions. See our lovely facility at 438 High St, Mount Holly, NJ 08060.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is in a memorial service?

  • A memorial ceremony may be held in a church, a funeral home, a community center, or any place that holds special meaning for the deceased and their loved ones. Usually, there is music, a eulogy, and a few readings. Celebration-of-life memorial services can be further customized.

Is it important to plan your funeral?

  • The more prior planning you do for your funeral, the simpler it will be for your family to carry out your instructions and wishes. They will be able to concentrate their attention on helping each other rather than calling funeral homes and comparing caskets. Learn more about funeral pre-planning.

How do you show respect at a funeral?

  • When the body of the deceased is present and the coffin is open, it is traditional to pay your respects by viewing the body. At this moment, you might want to think about the departed or offer a silent prayer for them. You might occasionally be escorted to the coffin by the family. Learn more about funeral etiquette.